9. 1868 Pillot House

The 1868 Pillot House was originally located at 1803 McKinney in downtown Houston. It was built for the family of Eugene Pillot, a French immigrant who had relocated with his parents and siblings to the Republic of Texas from New York City in 1837.

 Pillot operated a lumber business with his father and developed other properties in Houston, including the 1858 Pillot Building (still standing at Fannin and Congress) and Pillot's Opera House. He lived in the house with his wife Zeolide and their six children, one of whom was a partner in Henke & Pillot grocery. The home was continuously occupied by the Pillot family until they donated it to The Heritage Society in 1965.

The Pillot House was one of the first in Houston to have an attached kitchen (complete with running water), closets, and gas lighting. Architectural enhancements such as full-length windows and wrap-around porches illustrate how residences were designed for Houston's hot climate.